Home Brewing Is An Age Old Hobby

Making home brew has been a very satisfying pastime for many a beer drinker for many years. In recent years it has become easier and easier to make beer in the comfort of your own home. Home brew starter kits and ingredients are now available online, in specialist stores and even in some high street supermarkets.

People who are attempting home brew for the first time should probably look towards an inexpensive starter kit, some of which can be found for around 20. There are various starter kits on the market each with different equipment that comes with them.

A basic kit will contain a fermentation bucket, a siphoning tube, some malt extract and some yeast. It is usually necessary to buy sugar, of which brewers' sugar is preferable but not obligatory. The more you pay, the more you get generally, with other kids supplying the brewers' sugar, bottles or even a pressurised barrel.

In order to make your brew, you will need to mix your malt extract with 3 litres of boiling water, add the sugar and make sure it has all dissolved. Then you will need to add about another 18 litres of water and let the mixture reach about 21 degrees before you add the yeast. After adding the yeast, you will have to wait about 6 days until the first fermentation process has finished.

After this first process is finished, it will be time to bottle your beer (or to put it in a pressurised barrel). It will need to be primed with enough sugar so that gas can be formed from the remaining yeast, but not so much that too much gas will be produced, usually about teaspoon per litre. After bottling, you wait another 2 weeks and you should have the perfect brew.