Try Making A Large Home Brew For A Party

Most people who brew their own beer do so in small quantities. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this to start with, once you hit upon a magical recipe you will obviously want to brew it on a larger scale so as to share your success with as many people as possible.

Making a large home brew is ideal if you are planning to have a big party or if you have lots of storage space which would be otherwise wasted. If either of these apply to you then you have no excuse for not making a large batch of your favorite home brew beer! Should these circumstances not apply to you then you are probably better off sticking with smaller, more frequent, brews as you may end up with an unacceptable amount of wastage.

As with most other things in life, the bigger you want something to be, the more time and effort it takes. The same principle applies to home brewing. So if you do not have a lot extra of all of these, then perhaps you should just reconsider.

Also, before making a start on making a large home brew, think carefully about whether you really have the space available to do it properly. After all, you can quite easily make a small home brew right in a tiny kitchen, however when it comes to a larger one you may have difficulty if you do not have enough room for everything.

Assess the amount of space that you have available on the countertops, in the sink and in the fridge. Spend a few minutes maximizing the space available for your large home brew as moving things out of the way whilst you are in the process of brewing could cause you to lose your concentration and make a mistake.

You basically have 2 options should you unfortunately not have the required amount of space available to you; either you make a series of smaller brews one after the other, or you give a fellow beer lover a percentage of the finished product in return for them giving you the use of their kitchen.

Having found your space to brew your large batch of beer, all that remains is the actual brewing of it. The only thing to keep in mind is to ensure that all ingredients are increased in equal measures.